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Designed for secure remote delivery of critical business software.

Secure reliable hosting for custom applications

Remote Application Hosting from OS33 is powerful, flexible, reliable and secure.  Workplace providers users with remote access to any custom hosted application, alongside the rest of their SaaS apps, websites, data and the Microsoft suite – all through single secure entry-point.

Your hosted infrastructure may be as simple as a single server or a highly customized private cloud environment.  Whatever the configuration or complexity, leverage our expertise and capabilities.

Best-in-class security

OS33 infrastructure is hardened using Center for Internet Security (CIS) standards. Vulnerability scans are performed hourly on all systems and our Network Operations Center monitors infrastructure 24×7.  Servers are provisioned daily from a golden image that is patched and tested, ensuring that your servers are always updated with a fresh build.

Managed Hosting on Dedicated Infrastructure

Single-tenant hosting for optimal security and flexibility.

With Workplace, you get more than a team of experts from a premiere hosting provider to run your infrastructure.  You also experience the enhanced performance, control and security that makes single-tenant hosting ideal for security-driven customers — all backed by 24x7x365 support.

Regulatory compliance built in

Workplace is purpose-built for regulated and security-minded firms and is examined annually by an independent third-party across all the business functions that work together to deliver end-to-end services to our customers. Our SOC 2, Type 2 examination covers everything we deliver to our customers – from infrastructure management and monitoring to human resources, change management, policies & procedures, business continuity, incident response, and more. Our commitment to a SOC 2, Type 2 ensures that rigorous industry standards are met and that our customers can rely on OS33 for their security and compliance.

Experience the difference expertise makes

Everybody wants their applications to just work, but too often your people spend time troubleshooting, managing vendors and daily operations. Our staff has years of experience supporting a wide range of custom business applications and can help you perform the essential tasks that you can’t or prefer not to.

High Availability Application Hosting

Server uptime and site availability are top priorities for every business. For our customers, ensuring reliability is paramount and any amount of unexpected downtime comes at a cost. Fortunately, you can insulate your business with redundancy and High Availability. A High Availability (HA) configuration adds secondary and tertiary servers in multiple physical regions. Data replication is used to keep the environments in sync and a failover mechanism is used in event of an outage. With minimal interruption, the secondary servers take over.

Deliver a fast, familiar and flexible work experience with the virtual desktop alternative.

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