We’re Here to Help – A Note from Our President

On March 9th, FINRA released a regulatory notice calling attention to the increased risk of cyber events as a result of an advisor’s remote operating environments. They have since issued another notice on March 26th providing a stark reminder to every one of the significant issues that must be addressed due to the prevalence of attacks targeting advisors within our industry.

I am concerned: Any incident or breach at this juncture could severely impact investor confidence at a time when they need the counsel of their financial advisors more than ever in our nation’s history.

Workplace has the technology to address this challenge; and our organization’s ethics and values compelled us to respond.

Today, we are prioritizing our team to make Workplace device and security check software available to every advisor in the industry, for free – no gimmicks, no strings attached; and a timeframe that extends for the duration of this pandemic.

You may download Workplace here. os33.com/heretohelp

Our team is prepared to use its expertise and software to bolster the safety of our industry in this time of need – period. With Workplace, I hope you will gain peace of mind by confirming that every computer being utilized meets FINRA’s compliance recommendations; and if there is an issue, we will help fix it.

For nearly 20 years, Workplace has been deploying its remote working and security platform for our industry. We look forward to servicing our industry for decades to come and hope that this gesture of support will help you today.

My best,
Morley Ivers

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