cyber insurance

Looking for an affordable cyber insurance policy for your company? It may take a while to find. And you just might not find it at all. The state of cyber insurance in late 2020 The writing was on the wall late last year when in November of 2020 the Insurance Marketplace Realities 2021 – Cyber […]

cybersecurity roles

The responsibilities of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) continue to evolve as businesses emerge from the pandemic and redefine their work structure. The role also now has a greater impact on the strategic direction and priorities of a company. And while there won’t necessarily be widespread agreement from company to company as to the exact […]

work from home set up - empowering a hybrid workforce

We have a new vision – truly a new paradigm that redefines how employees work and complete their jobs as a hybrid workfoce. As we’ve shared before, virtual desktops simply can’t keep up with the professional workforce of today. We believe the time has come where financial advisors, legal consultants, wealth managers and many more […]