cybersecurity roles

The responsibilities of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) continue to evolve as businesses emerge from the pandemic and redefine their work structure. The role also now has a greater impact on the strategic direction and priorities of a company. And while there won’t necessarily be widespread agreement from company to company as to the exact […]

personal liability on ccos for regulated industries

In response to the growing concern over the personal liability that falls on the shoulder of compliance professionals, the New York City Bar Association has unveiled a proposed framework to guide the decisions of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as to whether to press charges against compliance […]

virtual desktops presents a bad experience for finance professionals

It’s a “cringe on the face.” That’s how Morley Ivers, OS33 President, describes the scenario that he frequently encounters as he talks with individuals who work in the financial services industry. He’ll be in a meeting with a client or prospect, and the topic of virtual desktops will come up.  And from there, the mention […]