work from home set up - empowering a hybrid workforce

We have a new vision – truly a new paradigm that redefines how employees work and complete their jobs as a hybrid workfoce. As we’ve shared before, virtual desktops simply can’t keep up with the professional workforce of today. We believe the time has come where financial advisors, legal consultants, wealth managers and many more […]

virtual desktops cant keep up with the challenges of hybrid workforce

It’s the blunt reality: virtual desktops really can’t keep up with today’s professional employees. They simply cannot meet the needs of a remote and hybrid workforce. And truth be told, this story is nothing new. Virtual desktops were struggling pre-pandemic with the migration to browser-based (SaaS) applications. They were also having a difficult time staying relevant with employees’ ever-increasing […]

virtual desktops presents a bad experience for finance professionals

It’s a “cringe on the face.” That’s how Morley Ivers, OS33 President, describes the scenario that he frequently encounters as he talks with individuals who work in the financial services industry. He’ll be in a meeting with a client or prospect, and the topic of virtual desktops will come up.  And from there, the mention […]