work from home set up - empowering a hybrid workforce

The vision to empower a hybrid workforce

We have a new vision – truly a new paradigm that redefines how employees work and complete their jobs as a hybrid workfoce. As we’ve shared before, virtual desktops simply can’t keep up with the professional workforce of today.

We believe the time has come where financial advisors, legal consultants, wealth managers and many more employees within regulated and security-minded industries must be empowered. Empowered to be productive. Empowered to work when they can, wherever they are. Empowered to thrive in our new hybrid and heavily-remote environment by seamlessly leveraging any device.

Equally important, these workers should not be restricted or frustrated by their devices – and not be hindered by any technology, whether used for increased personal productivity, on-the-go mobility, or compliance at work.

In this short video clip, Jeff Fisher, OS33’s VP of Strategy, talks about the company’s vision for changing the virtual desktop paradigm through a new approach to support and enable a hybrid workforce.

Our work reality has dramatically changed since the start of 2020. We know that workers today need to be able to seamlessly bounce back and forth from their employer’s office to a remote personal workplace.

It is simple and clear – yet for many elusive –what is needed to accomplish this successfully. Workers need technology that enables:

  • Flexibility and agility to support the movement between work venues.
  • A strong and reliable connection to team members who are scattered and working from a variety of locations.
  • An unmatched level of productivity.

Equally important is the focus on compliance and security. Particularly in regulated industries, any device used by an employee must meet all compliance requirements and cannot sacrifice any element of security. We believe it’s our duty, along with our IT counterparts, to enable teams to work safely on devices of their choice, with an engaging experience that leverages the device to its full capability.  

In that vein, we offer a word of caution and a reminder that security should be on the mind of compliance officers who are concerned about their own personal liability for data breaches. We also highlight that regulators, who have been more lenient since the start of the pandemic due to extenuating circumstances, have let companies know that “passes” on security lapses will soon be a distant memory. These authorities are steering companies in regulated industries in the direction of technologies, products, and services that will help prevent cybercrime and keep data safe and secure.

Where do we find ourselves today?  On the cusp of a transformation where firms must rapidly evolve their technology to adapt to remote-heavy and hybrid workspaces. We view ourselves as a change agent that helps firms move their teams to a more modern solution as quickly as possible again. This approach is all about delivering applications that run locally and securely, providing users with an amazing and empowering experience that drives productivity. 

And note that while we don’t expect that a team currently leveraging a fully-hosted environment will jump immediately to a fully-local model, we are heading in that direction.

It comes back to what we said upfront: firms in regulated industries must focus on enabling their employees to get their jobs done securely and successfully, regardless of location and type of device.

More and more people recognize that the virtual desktop, as we know it today, is not the solution for the future. It truly is a legacy product that needs to evolve.

OS33 is committed to delivering that evolution for today’s hybrid workforce. 

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