2020 was the worst year on record for cyberattacks. The result? A huge economic toll on businesses and organizations of all types. No one has found the magic bullet to fix the problem yet. Efforts to combat cyberattacks are moving up to the top of the list of the U.S. government. The Justice Department recently […]

When COVID hit, survival mode kicked in – for everyone. Offices vacated and workers retreated to their homes or other “safe” locations. It was a highly disruptive experience to our professional and personal lives, but there was no choice other than to react immediately to the situation that was unexpectedly thrown our way. As we […]

There’s no doubt that the hybrid work arrangement is here for the long haul. It’s deemed as a more intelligent – and potentially more complex – way to work. We see big-name companies fully embracing the future of flexible work. Ford has stated that 30,000 of its employees on this continent will be able to […]