Allen Eickelberg is a Vice President and the Director of Operations for Spire Investment Partners, LLC. Since 2011, Allen has filled many roles at Spire working with executive leadership and wealth management teams to manage projects and introduce new technologies to the firm. He is a frequent speaker on security in the wealth management industry […]

OS33 Docupace Cybersecurity Webinar

The increased usage of mobile devices and BYOD practices has resulted in an increased risk of cyber breaches at Broker Dealer firms. Data access has also become challenging to monitor and control. Meanwhile, regulatory authorities like FINRA and the SEC are tightening regulations around cybersecurity and data compliance. Our cybersecurity experts, Sam Attias (VP, Partnership […]

Financial institutions have fiduciary obligations to protect data, but face a key challenge in maintaining control over that data when accessed from unmanaged devices. Due to ongoing threats from major hardware vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre, where the threats lie within the device hardware itself, FINRA continues to emphasize the importance of controlling data that independent Reps and […]