What do a US state, a UK university, and a Fortune 50 bank have in common from an IT perspective? Like nearly every other organization on the planet, they have leveraged online meeting solutions to help their employees stay connected during the pandemic. And although one uses Cisco Webex, one Microsoft Teams, and one Zoom, […]

2020 was truly a year that tested every individual, every business, and every entity on this planet. Businesses that were not prepared in the least to support a remote workforce had to pivot overnight (and did so, in most cases, fairly successfully). Workforces had to adapt equally as fast. Office workers, who in early March […]

While online gaming has seen record growth during the pandemic, there’s no substitute for a good, old-fashioned arcade game and Whac-A-Mole ranks up there with the best of them. Sure – there are digital versions of this amusement park staple and even mini versions for home use, but most agree that a challenge of the […]