Workplace by OS33, has been selected by FINRA for inclusion in FINRA’s Preferred Pricing Program for cybersecurity solutions.  Launched today, the program is designed to assist FINRA member firms in finding cybersecurity software that has been reviewed by FINRA and is made available at discounted prices. Workplace by OS33 is the industry’s leading, cloud cybersecurity […]

On March 9th, FINRA released a regulatory notice calling attention to the increased risk of cyber events as a result of an advisor’s remote operating environments. They have since issued another notice on March 26th providing a stark reminder to every one of the significant issues that must be addressed due to the prevalence of […]

For anyone new to working remotely or looking to learn best practices, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to set you up for success. Optimize your physical work environment The environment you set up for yourself can have a huge impact on your happiness and productivity when you’re working remotely. Desk setup: Set up […]