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The Workplace product suite adheres to current cybersecurity regulations set by the financial services industry regulatory bodies, all of whom require the development and implementation of mandatory policies, principles, standards, and guidelines.

FINRA Regulations Frontline Stronghold Select
Asset Inventory & Technical Controls – Minimum encryption requirements of the IT assets
Branch Review – Requirement to confirm security settings of IT assets and cyber programs
Sections on Phishing, Penetration Testing, DLP and Identity and Access Management
New York State regulations Frontline Stronghold Select
Requires a written Cybersecurity policy that addresses “asset inventory and device management”
MFA is mandatory and “shall be utilized for any individual accessing the Covered Entity’s internal network from an external network”
Access of data and applications by reps need “procedures for evaluating, assessing or testing the security of externally developed applications”
Securities and Exchange Commission regulations Frontline Stronghold Select
Focus on Security of IT Assets, Data Loss Prevention and Access Management
NAIC regulations Frontline Stronghold Select
South Carolina is the first state to pass an NAIC recommended law requiring an insurance entity to have a Cybersecurity program. Focus is on data security.
Alabama has followed with a law requiring insurers to develop and implement an information security program.
NIST regulations Frontline Stronghold Select
Federal Agency that sets security and IT recommendation for government agencies. The regulators use NIST as a guide.
Rule 800.53 is a risk management framework that includes device and data security

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