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Workplace Training and Education is unprecedented in the industry. Covering everyday usage, deployment and installation, platform management, and best practices, the Help Center and Workplace Academy have all your answers.

The Workplace Help Center has all of the answers to the most frequent Workplace questions from system requirements to troubleshooting, and more.

Combining self-paced eLearning, remote webinars, and instructor-led training, Workplace Academy equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to fully utilize the benefits of Workplace offers.

Help Center Article Recommendations

Workplace for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android have some exciting new updates. Learn all about our new features and benefits.

A Workplace account will be locked automatically when Workplace detects multiple invalid sign in attempts. Find out how a Company Manager can unlock a user.

You can access your work communication and schedule directly in the native apps on your iOS device. Learn how to get set up to work.

When collaborating with coworkers and guest users, you may have questions about a file if it had been opened or modified. You can view the history of a file to view the evolution of that file.

When collaborating with coworkers and guest users, you may have questions about a file if it had been modified, moved or deleted. You can view the history of a folder to view the evolution of a file.

Workplace Academy Courseware Recommendations

This course is designed for Workplace Company Managers. It provides information about what it means to be a company manger, administrative concerns, common tasks, and includes an interface tour.

Welcome to the Workplace 3.0 Learning Path! This eLearning course will teach you everything you need to know about using Workplace. We’ll help you get set up, so you can get going!

This Learning Path includes several 60-minute webinar videos that highlight the top features available in Workplace, as well as troubleshooting and best practice techniques for staying productive and secure.

The Workplace Quick Tip series includes short videos designed to get right to a topic of interest. Here you’ll find a variety of trainings, from sharing a folder to troubleshooting tips & tricks, and much more!