Moving from Classic Webtop to Workplace 3.0

We will be launching Workplace 3.0 soon and we want to make sure that users of our Classic Webtop also get to enjoy the benefits of the fresh new decluttered interface. All your applications, websites, folders and files will be available as always, but we have organized and simplified things to help you locate what you need easily. Here are the changes:

  • A fresh new look for the Workplace Web App launch page
  • You can now ‘star’ files to pin it to your launch page
  • Websites and Hosted Apps both have their own sections now
  • Compliance Status

1.  A fresh new look for the Workplace Web App launch page

We have given the launch page a complete makeover to help you focus on the things that are most important to you. We have moved things around to clear the clutter, but you will have full access to everything you need to get work done. All your websites, applications, folders and files will now have their very own section on the sidebar. 

2.  You can now ‘star’ files to pin it to your launch page

We’re especially excited about this feature because it is a direct request from our customers who used file shortcuts on our Classic Webtop interface. In the past, you were only able to ‘star’ websites, applications and folders, but with Workplace 3.0, we have extended that functionality for you to ‘star’ files too.

Your starred files and folders will be available at your fingertips as you can open them directly from you launch page. This means you will no longer have to click around multiple times just to locate them!

If you right-click a file or folder, you will be able to choose how you want to open it – You can open it in hosted, as a preview, or in a local program. You get to decide what works best for you!

3.  Websites and Hosted Apps both have their own sections now

Instead of having a list of websites and hosted apps in the same place, we are giving them their own sections so that you can locate them easily. You can ‘star’ your frequently-used websites like you always have, so that they will appear on the launch page for quick access.  

All other websites and apps that are not ‘starred’ will still be accessible from the respective sections.

Additionally, you can now save your websites with or without credentials attached. You will be able to set up your own username and passwords without having to rely on your Company Manager to do so. You will also have access to your own saved passwords and have the ability to change them as needed.

To increase ease of collaboration, you will now be able to share bookmarks and websites with your colleagues. We have also made it easy to discern various different types of websites, namely:

  • Account – Websites which are stored with username and password attached
  • Bookmark – Websites which are stored without credentials
  • Shared with me – Websites that others have sent to you
  • Shared by me – Websites that you have shared with your colleagues

As always, you can ‘star’ your favorite websites and access them directly from your launch page.

As a note to Company Managers – If there are specific websites for which your firm would like to disable sharing, please email us at or call us at 866-583-8911 and we will help you set it up.

These added functions will save time for everyone and give you the flexibility to spend more time on what truly matters.

4.  Compliance Status

In alignment to our mission of keeping your firm’s data secure and compliant, we are introducing a brand new feature for all Workplace desktop apps.

This new feature if known as “Compliance Status” and it will be implemented on Workplace Windows and Mac apps. With Workplace 3.0, the compliance status of your device will be checked in comparison to industry best practices, and in some cases, recommendations for remediation will be made.

The “Compliance Status” button will show up on the bottom-left of your desktop app. Clicking on the button will reveal the results of your device’s compliance checks.

This feature will be available to all Workplace 3.0 desktop app users, and enforcement of company compliance policies will be at the discretion of Company Managers.

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