OS33 Docupace Cybersecurity Webinar

Webinar: How Broker-Dealers can protect themselves from top cybersecurity threats

The increased usage of mobile devices and BYOD practices has resulted in an increased risk of cyber breaches at Broker Dealer firms. Data access has also become challenging to monitor and control. Meanwhile, regulatory authorities like FINRA and the SEC are tightening regulations around cybersecurity and data compliance.

Our cybersecurity experts, Sam Attias (VP, Partnership & Development at OS33) and Michael Pinsker (Founder & Chairman of the Board at Docupace) discussed the following topics during a webinar:

  • The top 5 cyber threats for Broker-Dealers and how to mitigate the risk of a breach
  • The importance of endpoint device compliance and a secure digital perimeter
  • Working with trusted and industry-focused solution providers

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