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We’ve been investing in the development of our cutting edge technology for nearly two decades. Hundreds of financial advisory firms depend on Workplace everyday to stay secure, and compliant. We saw the need to protect sensitive data without compromising the productivity of our users, and that’s how we built Workplace.

Our software suite

Our suite of software delivers industry-leading cybersecurity and compliance solutions to some of the country’s most successful enterprises and the independent advisors who represent them.

Workplace Frontline

Workplace Frontline is endpoint device protection that acts as a gate in front of your data.


Broker Dealers & Insurance Companies

Workplace Frontline includes:

  • Dynamic Access Control
  • Endpoint device compliance
  • Device Remediation: Automatic, self and support-based device remediation
  • Compliance Dashboard

Starting at

$10 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available

Workplace Stronghold

Workplace Stronghold establishes a new kind of security perimeter to protect all your firm's data.


BDs, Insurance Companies & RIAs

Workplace Stronghold includes everything in Frontline — plus:

  • Access to All Your Apps & Data
  • Secure Identity Management
  • A Secure Browser
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Compliant File System

Starting at

$85 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available

Workplace Select

Workplace Select is a robust cloud-based platform that replaces traditional on-site servers. 


Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIAs)

Workplace Select includes everything in Stronghold — plus:

  • Secure standard application hosting in the cloud
  • Zero Data Footprint Locally

Starting at

$190 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available

How we built Workplace

Purposely crafted with the future in mind, our suite of products are designed to evolve and keep pace with tightening regulations and ever-increasing cyber threats.


We keep you safe by establishing a new type of secure perimeter around sensitive data and applications with our proprietary technology and robust security features.


Our technology uses automatic scanning, identity & password management, device inventory reporting, and data loss protection tools. Our checks adhere to FINRA and SEC guidelines, and state regulations.


Our cloud-based technology with secure file share, centralized access point and identity management tools lets users be more productive. Workplace keeps your data safe while providing you with the freedom and flexibility to get work done.

An Innovative Experience

Leading in Innovation

Research & Development is a hallmark of our organization. Our team is constantly investing and innovating Workplace to help our clients stay ahead of the cybersecurity and compliance curve.

Independent Advisor

With almost two decades worth of development and experience in the financial services industry, Workplace is uniquely designed to provide a user experience that is specific for how an advisor gets work done.

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