Workplace Security
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The number one contributing factor to the success of criminals using viruses, malware and ransomware is employee behavior. If not properly trained, your employees can be your biggest liability. The websites they visit, emails they open, and the links that they click provide paths for malicious entities to access your network and private data. With formal education, your employees can become your first line of defense.

The Workplace Security Awareness Program is a highly effective way to educate employees by leveraging:

  • An annual, live Intro to security awareness webinar
  • On-demand interactive security awareness eLearning
  • Realistic phishing simulations
  • Security environment review
  • Optional instructor-led security & compliance town hall sessions

The Workplace Security Awareness Program helps you and your organization get your business secure, help you serve your customers, and get you on the right side of compliance and governance. With our phishing simulations, security awareness eLearning, and instructor-led sessions you can arm your employees to make the right choices and ensure the safety and security of your business and your customers.

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