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“Show me” is here!

The Education department has released a significant training enhancement to the Workplace by OS33 web app platform.

The Show me button layers on top of Workplace to provide on-screen process guidance that can be accessed at any time.

The Show me button will allow you to easily receive self-service help, enabling you to complete many of your day-to-day tasks or complex processes without confusion or errors. With Show Me, you can access content by clicking the Show me button located at the top right section of the web app launch page.

Workplace Show Me
The “Show me” button on Workplace

Benefits to our users

No more guessing or hunting for instructions.  Now you have the answers you need at your fingertips right inside the Workplace webapp. With the Show me button you now have:

  • An increase in targeted learning based on searches
  • Decreased training time and quicker onboarding for new clients
  • Accelerated self-service adoption of new and existing Workplace features

Content in “Show me”

Currently, we have created walkthrough guidance for common processes such as. “How to download the Desktop app”; “How to View Activity for a file”; “Edit User Guest Info when sharing”; and much more! You can also search Show me for Help Center articles and log right into to Workplace Academy courses!

Additionally, you will see buttons called Launchers and icons called SmartTips to access contextual help information. For new users, the Show me button also provides an easy onboarding overview to help you get started.

We have added over 60 Show me walkthroughs and plan to continually add, enhance and update more walkthroughs over the next few months. 

Workplace Show Me
Walkthrough content when you click on “Show me”

Using the Show me button is simple! No installation needed. The next time you use the Workplace webapp, you will see the Show me button with the contextual guidance directly on screen.

We’re excited about this new enhancement and want to hear your feedback. You can reach out to the Education team by emailing

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