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Workplace Select is a robust cybersecurity, compliance, and productivity solution for advisory firms.

Workplace Select

RIAs and small Broker Dealers are challenged to meet increasing regulatory requirements. Workplace Select is a cost effective, cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive solution to help meet your firm’s cybersecurity and compliance needs without compromising advisor productivity.

Secure Application Hosting

  • Run sensitive apps from a secure datacenter
  • Reduce risk of threats from local devices
  • Provide secure standard application hosting in the cloud

Workplace secures your hosted business applications in the cloud

Workplace eliminates the risk of data loss on local devices

Zero Data Footprint Locally

  • Compliant cloud-centric IT solution
  • All applications and data hosted in a secure cloud
  • Mission critical disaster recovery
  • Seven-year file retention
  • No data stored on local device
  • Configurable local sync available

All Your Apps & Data

  • Provides everything your advisor needs in one place
  • Establishes a perimeter of protection
  • Protects sensitive applications and data

Workplace provides a secure digital hub for your advisors 

SSO & Password Management improves security and productivity

Single Sign-On and Password Management

  • Stores credentials for web applications for quick access after authentication with Workplace
  • Replaces popular SaaS-based password managers
  • Allows for sharing of access, not credentials, in appropriate circumstances
  • Improves firm password hygiene by practice instead of policy

Secure Identity Management

  • Enables simple, one-click access to SaaS applications as federated identity provider
  • Removes password management from the equation entirely
  • Reduces risk with technical policy instead of human resource policy

Sign in to all your SaaS applications with one click

Eliminates risk of compromising your firm’s

sensitive data through browsing

A Secure Browser, built for the industry

  • Isolates sensitive apps and websites in an ultra-secure environment, separate from the remainder of the firm's infrastructure and data
  • Zero-latency browsing experience as compared to hosted browser alternatives
  • Provides full logging, video recording and playback of user sessions
  • Purpose-built to help meet FINRA guidelines and SEC regulations

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Ensures that more than just a password is required to access your most sensitive information
  • Safer than SMS and fully managed by firm administrators
  • Supports native bio-metric authentication methods for iOS and Android
  • Adheres to FINRA, and SEC guidelines, and state regulations
  • Conforms with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines for authentication

Workplace MFA adds an essential layer of security

Secure file and folder sharing

Compliant File System

  • Keeps files secure and accessible in the Cloud
  • Allows secure internal and external sharing, storage and collaboration on any device
  • Offline file & conditional access (hybrid mode)
  • Increases advisors’ productivity without compromising flexibility

Dynamic Access Control

  • Act as a gate to dynamically block non-compliant devices from accessing specific applications
  • Secure your perimeter
  • Manage and enforce your firm's access policies

Workplace provides a date in front of your

rep/advisor/agent portal or website

Workplace ensures your devices stay compliant
with your firm’s policy

Endpoint Device Compliance

  • Scans reps’ computing and mobile devices to ensure compliance with firm policies
  • Examines 12 different criteria for compliance including encryption, antivirus, physical location, operating system patches and more
  • Adheres to FINRA, and SEC guidelines, and state regulations

Device Remediation

  • Quickly identifies compliance gaps and non-compliant devices
  • Provides visibility on policy adherence with options for self-remediation
  • Delivers auto, self and support-based remediation within the software and with full-time Workplace employees in our NJ Operations Center
  • Full logging and reporting capabilities for auditing

Device compliance status with remediation

Workplace device compliance admin dashboard

Compliance Dashboard

  • Enterprise-grade administration tool supporting multiple levels of branch hierarchy
  • Provides real-time compliance insights with on-demand reporting
  • Ability to instantly terminate sessions or remotely wipe devices that have been lost or compromised
  • Displays company-wide device inventory with complete device security history including location, activity, compliance with firm policies and more
  • Full historical export capabilities to a SIEM system or CSV
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Ensures that more than just a password is required to access your most sensitive information

Workplace Select starting at

$190 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available

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Our software suite

Our suite of software delivers industry-leading cybersecurity and compliance solutions to some of the country’s most successful enterprises and the independent advisors who represent them.

Workplace Frontline

Workplace Frontline is endpoint device protection that acts as a gate in front of your data.


Broker Dealers & Insurance Companies

Workplace Frontline includes:

  • Dynamic Access Control
  • Endpoint device compliance
  • Device Remediation: Automatic, self and support-based device remediation
  • Compliance Dashboard

Starting at

$10 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available

Workplace Stronghold

Workplace Stronghold establishes a new kind of security perimeter to protect all your firm's data.


BDs, Insurance Companies & RIAs

Workplace Stronghold includes everything in Frontline — plus:

  • Access to All Your Apps & Data
  • Secure Identity Management
  • A Secure Browser
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Compliant File System

Starting at

$85 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available

Workplace Select

Workplace Select is a robust cloud-based platform that replaces traditional on-site servers. 


Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIAs)

Workplace Select includes everything in Stronghold — plus:

  • Secure standard application hosting in the cloud
  • Zero Data Footprint Locally

Starting at

$190 per user, per month

Volume-based pricing available