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Workplace Select is an all-in-one cloud security, compliance and productivity solution for advisory firms.

Workplace Select

RIAs and small broker dealers are challenged to meet increasing and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Workplace Select is a cost-effective, all-in-one, cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive solution to help meet your firm’s cybersecurity and compliance needs, while delivering an intuitive end user experience. 

Remote Application Delivery

  • Run common desktop applications from the cloud, instead of installed on individual workstations
  • Reduce the risk of data leakage by keeping data off local computers altogether
  • Streamline desktop management, business continuity and operational consistency
  • Protect your firm’s most sensitive data by ensuring that applications are only run from our hardened cloud environment

Workplace eliminates the risk of data loss on local devices.

Managed hosting for your custom applications in the cloud.

Managed Private Cloud

  • Managed hosting for your firm’s client/server and enterprise applications, hosted by the world’s best cloud providers
  • Dedicated single-tenant environment, continuously monitored for security vulnerabilities
  • 24×7 network operations monitoring and support for your critical business applications
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Secure and compliant infrastructure hosting for firms with custom application requirements

Single Sign-On and Password Management

  • Stores credentials for web applications, enabling quick access to the applications and sites your agents, reps and advisors use most
  • Provides corporate-controlled password management
  • Share access to websites with staff without sharing credentials
  • Improve your firm’s password hygiene and increase productivity for your agents, reps and advisors

SSO & Password Management improves security and productivity.

Workplace provides a single

launch-point for your advisors.

Launch-Point for All Your Apps & Data

  • A single interface for your agents, reps and advisors to get work done
  • Replaces disparate logins and passwords with a single, secure entry point
  • Enables a secure perimeter to protect your firm’s sensitive applications and data, wherever they reside

Secure Identity Management

  • Acts as your federated identity provider, enabling centralized access control
  • Can seamlessly integrate with existing identity management systems
  • Reduces the security risks associated with multiple logins and passwords
  • Provides your agents, reps and advisors with one-click access to firm-specified applications

Sign in to all your SaaS applications with one click.

Workplace mitigates risks inherent with

traditional web browsers.

Secure Browser, built for the industry

  • Isolates sensitive web activity in an ultra-secure environment, separate from users’ local devices and networks
  • Enables full logging and audit trail for web activity, including pages visited, files downloaded, documents printed, any information copied to the clipboard, and more
  • Optionally enable browser session recording for sensitive sites accessed by your agents, reps and advisors
  • Proprietary technology, uniquely built to exceed FINRA, SEC and State regulatory guidance
  • Control common browser functionality, including copy/paste, file download and printing to safeguard your firm’s data

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Identity authentication that conforms to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines
  • Supports native bio-metric authentication methods for iOS and Android
  • Safer than text-message-based pin codes and fully managed by firm administrators
  • Enforces regulatory-required authentication methodology for all your agents, reps and advisors

Workplace MFA adds an essential layer of security.

Secure file and folder sharing.

Compliance-Ready File System

  • Encrypted file system built for the industry
  • Central compliance repository with audit-ready access, change and version history for all files
  • Allows secure sharing of files and folders with staff, clients and guest users
  • Permit or deny local file access and syncing based on the device status and your firm’s compliance policy (Dynamic Access Control)
  • Safe and simple cloud file storage and sharing for use by your agents, reps and advisors

Dynamic Access Control

  • Enforces your firm’s compliance policy using the industry’s most comprehensive menu of criteria and controls
  • Analyzes devices’ security and compliance status in real-time
  • Enables conditional access to your firm’s web portal or application
  • Acts as a gate to dynamically permit or deny access based on your firm’s compliance policy

Workplace acts as a gate in front of your

firm’s sensitive data.

Workplace ensures your devices stay compliant
with your firm’s policies.

Endpoint Device Compliance

  • Continuously analyzes devices’ security and compliance status in real-time
  • Examines devices’ security posture utilizing the latest scan criteria, including encryption, antivirus, physical location, operating system patches, updates, application blacklists and more
  • Designed to meet and exceed FINRA, SEC and State regulatory guidance
  • Audit-ready reporting and device forensics for all agents, reps, and advisors accessing your firm’s data

Device Remediation

  • Automatically fixes the most common device misconfigurations
  • Advisor-friendly self-help enabling users to resolve compliance gaps
  • White-glove escalation support, along with education and training for your support team
  • Mitigate your cybersecurity risk – drive towards 100% compliance for all agents, reps and advisors accessing your firm’s data

Device compliance status with remediation.

Workplace device compliance admin dashboard.

Compliance Dashboard

  • Full device inventory, alongside historical security and compliance posture data for each device, including encryption, antivirus, physical location, operating system patches and more
  • Specifically designed for complex hierarchical organizations with support for branch offices, OSJs and agencies
  • Administrative controls to permit or deny access for specific users and the ability to delegate oversight to OSJs, agency managers and MSPs
  • Audit-ready logging, full historical export capabilities and available SIEM integrations
  • Instant access to compliance insights with full visibility and control for all devices used by agents, reps and advisors associated with your firm

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Our product suite

Workplace Frontline

Workplace Frontline is endpoint device protection that acts as a gate in front of your firm's web portal or application.


Broker Dealers & Insurance Companies

Workplace Frontline includes:

  • Dynamic Access Control
  • Endpoint device compliance
  • Device Remediation: Automatic, self and support-based device remediation
  • Compliance Dashboard

Workplace Stronghold

Workplace Stronghold creates a cutting-edge security perimeter designed to protect your firm's data.


BDs, Insurance Companies & RIAs

Workplace Stronghold includes everything in Frontline — plus:

  • Launch-Point for All Your Apps & Data
  • Secure Identity Management
  • Secure Browser, built for the Industry
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Compliance-Ready File System

Workplace Select

Workplace Select is an all-in-one cloud security, compliance and productivity solution for advisory firms.


Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIAs)

Workplace Select includes everything in Stronghold — plus:

  • Remote Application Delivery
  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Single Sign-On and Password Management