‘workplace wealth_’ Aggregates Applications, Data & Devices Through a Secure Digital Hub for Wealth Advisors

 Workplace’s Cloud Solution Offers a Flexible Overlay To Combat Cybersecurity Threats & Meet Compliance Requirements

NEW YORK—February 15, 2017—Workplace has launched workplace wealth_, a secure digital hub which has been built to meet the exacting needs of wealth management firms. The workplace wealth_ solution aggregates an entire practice’s IT, apps and data in one place, enabling wealth management firms to operate securely and with full control—while providing employees with the flexibility to collaborate and access all their tools and information from any firm-approved device in any location.

Information about workplace wealth_, including a contact form to schedule a demo or start a free trial, can be found at http://info.os33.com/workplacewealth.

workplace wealth_ has productized the concept of traditional IT services for financial firms. As technology becomes more complex, cybersecurity threats increase, and regulations evolve, financial institutions and advisors need a seamless, next-generation IT solution to ensure they can meet all of these challenges. Today’s environment is so uncertain that we’re seeing firms adopt workplace wealth_ because they no longer want to take the reputational risk of a security breach or regulatory sanction,” said Sam Attias, Managing Director at Workplace. “workplace wealth_ is reinventing IT through a new cloud-delivery mechanism—a software overlay which aggregates technology, apps and workflows, and ensures businesses can remain secure and compliant, while enabling their advisors to work smarter.”

Cybersecurity & Compliance

workplace wealth_ is designed to seamlessly interact with existing devices and procedures so advisors can securely access their client portfolios, custodial platforms, client relationship management (CRM) programs, emails, client data, documents and other applications through a single channel—and do so while complying with evolving SEC and FINRA regulations. In addition, workplace wealth_ cybersecurity and compliance features are embedded in the system, so they can be easily updated as new technologies and cybersecurity threats emerge.

Multi-factor authentication, data encryption, security monitoring, and other SEC/FINRA-required controls for sensitive financial data are built into workplace wealth_, along with state-of-the-art disaster recovery options. Advisors can also securely share files with associates and clients, permission their file structures, and safely access files remotely.

“Financial services firms are big targets for cybercriminals, and this is not going to change any time soon. workplace wealth_ helps financial institutions and advisors secure all their workplaces in order to protect data from hackers,” said Justin Kapahi, Vice President of Solutions and Security at Workplace. “Our built-in cybersecurity features provide the end-point control and monitoring that advisors need to ensure they keep their infrastructure secure, and remain in compliance with SEC/FINRA protocols, as they grow their businesses.”

Collaboration is Key

The workplace wealth_ user interface helps streamline an organization’s workflows, offering a universal search function that allows advisors to search their entire company, including apps, files, websites and firm directories, for documents and information. A complementary directory enables advisors to easily communicate with their colleagues from any location.

workplace wealth_ integration with Microsoft Office 365 enables advisors to facilitate real-time team collaboration for document reviews and edits.In addition, workplace wealth_ allows colleagues to share team credentials to enable website sign-ins using one secure password.


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